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5 Reasons Why Men Should See a Urologist

Let’s be honest - men are usually not nearly as diligent when it comes to going to the doctor for routine screenings. In fact, many men admit avoiding seeing their primary doctor for as long as possible, even with life-threatening symptoms. Unfortunately, simply ignoring the problem doesn’t mean the problem will go away every time. This has been an ongoing issue that prevents doctors from being able to detect early signs of underlying health conditions that can lead to bigger problems down the line, and sometimes resulting in death. It is crucial for men to be able to discuss their health problems and/or concerns openly and honestly with their physicians which can potentially prevent bigger issues from arising in the long-term. 


5 Ways Men Can Improve in the Bedroom


Many men who have struggled with performing their best in the bedroom may have been too embarrassed to find ways to improve their sexual performance. Focusing too much on getting better at sex can also hinder progress by creating anxiety. Certain lifestyle changes can help reduce anxiety, increase stamina, improve erectile dysfunction, and overall enhance your relationship with your partner and lead to more enjoyable and satisfying sex for everyone involved. Keep reading to learn more!


Stem Cell Research May Help Peyronie's Disease




Similar to other fibrotic diseases, the cause of Peyronie’s disease (PD) is still unclear. This disease is defined by fibrous plaque that accumulates on the soft tissue of the male sexual organ; this causes the organ to bend significantly as well as cause erectile dysfunction, followed by pain and difficulty in sexual performance. Even with the current wide array of medications, procedures, natural remedies, and alternative options available, finding effective treatment of Peyronie’s disease remains a challenge to this day.