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Bioidentical Estrogen & Progesterone HRT


One of the most common reasons for which a woman come to our Ageless Forever clinic is to help her decide if hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is right for her. And if it is, when it should be started and in what form it should be taken. 

Media reports regarding the dangers of hormone replacement therapy (HRT have fueled anxiety and concern. Based on generalizations from studies of women using Synthetic hormones (Premarin and Provera), many doctors are refusing to start HRT on women experiencing the symptoms of menopause. And even worse, many women are being pulled off of it, even though they have been doing so well on it for years. 

Researchers have long held that there are significant differences between hormones that are natural to humans (bio-identical) and synthetic (including animal) preparations. Side chains are added to a natural substance to create a synthetic product that can be patented and mass produced by the manufacturer. These side chains are structural differences that may be responsible for the side effects that are experienced when synthetic hormones are used for replacement therapy. We will prescribe ONLY bio-identical estrogen and progesterone at Ageless Forever, which we have specially compounded to fit every individual patient's needs. 

We also check the testosterone levels in women. In a woman with intact ovaries, restoring DHEAS to youthful levels often will adequately restore the testosterone levels. If not, we will then add testosterone to a woman’s bio-identical estrogen replacement cream. This will bring it right into the desired range. 

In a woman who has had her ovaries surgically removed, it is usually necessary to start directly with bio-identical testosterone replacement. The importance of replacing testosterone in these women is underscored by the fact that even with bio-identical estrogen replacement therapy they often continue to be osteoporotic and at risk for bone fracture. This underscores the importance of replacing all major hormones that decline with age, in order to prevent and cure aging related chronic diseases.