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5 Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system does a remarkable job in keeping us strong and healthy, but once in a while it fails and germs can successfully invade, causing you to become sick with a cold or flu. To ensure our system is functioning at its best, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here is a list of immune-boosting foods to add to your pantry if you haven’t already:


1. Citrus fruits

citrus fruits immune system

There’s a reason we reach for some emergen-c from our cabinets as soon as we notice the first signs of a cold or flu coming. Supplements like emergen-c contain Vitamin C which helps boost our immunity. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production, which helps the body fight off infections. This essential vitamin is also responsible for tissue growth and repair, healing wounds, and maintaining healthy bones. Because our bodies are unable to produce vitamin C naturally, it relies on the foods we eat on a daily basis in order to absorb it. Eating citrus fruits packed with Vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, and limes can help your body utilize all of the amazing benefits this vitamin provides for your immune system and several other parts of your body as well. Taking Vitamin C 1-2g supplements (1,000-2,000 mg) in divided doses on a daily basis is also a great potential antiviral while providing support for the immune system.


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2. Broccoli

broccoli immune system

A vegetable like broccoli can not only help fight cancer, but also builds your immune defenses in your gut flora, the first line of defense against infection/diseases and considered the most vital part of our body. Broccoli contains the highest and most potent levels of sulforaphane, an invaluable compound responsible for promoting antioxidant enzymes which rids the body of free radicals, preventing inflammation, and triggers many other enzymes throughout the body. Nutrition experts recommend eating it raw or steaming it for 2-3 minutes to get the most benefits out of it. 


3. Green tea

green tea immune system

Traditionally, green tea has been utilized in japanese, chinese, and indian medicine to prevent certain ailments as well as help boost the immune system. Green tea has numerous health benefits and a big reason being it is loaded with powerful antioxidants that help fight infections, potential viruses, and sicknesses. This powerful leaf has been known to have strong antiviral properties and can actually alter the structure of viruses, suppressing their abilities to cause infections. Additionally, drinking green tea helps the body recover quickly from viruses as well. Even gargling green tea has shown to enhance the level of protection after getting flu shots. With the plethora of benefits to the body, there’s no reason not to have green tea stocked in your pantry at all times and have a nice brewed up to start your day! 


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4. Ginger

ginger immune system

This magical root is filled with many immune-boosting benefits, making ginger a must to add to your healthy meals. Ginger supports the immune system because it is considered an antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties to help relax your blood vessels and is packed with a variety of antioxidants. Ginger also promotes mucus production which helps trap bacteria/other pathogens and clears up congestion. You may be able to fend off your next respiratory viral illness simply adding ginger to your tea or taking it as a supplement. Taking concentrated amounts of the fresh root such as ginger shots can also prove to be extremely beneficial. 


5. Turmeric

turmeric immune system

Turmeric is another great spice to keep stocked in your household because it has been used for its medicinal, stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties for many years. Aside from helping prevent certain cancers, improving arthritis symptoms, lowering cholesterol, turmeric also boosts the immune system. The curcumin found in turmeric root helps the body repair itself and protect against illnesses. You can add turmeric to condiments and dishes like curries or soups to help make sure you are reaping the benefits that this root has to offer. Turmeric is also popularly consumed in teas as well, adding a unique and subtle flavor and a great pick-me-up to your afternoon. 




When you take a moment to realize how vital your immune system is and how it affects your overall health, you might consider making some major lifestyle adjustments to ensure your immune system is functioning at its absolute best. Having an active lifestyle as well as adding the foods we listed above into your diet regularly can really help strengthen your immune system even further to help it fight against viruses and infections year-round. In a challenging time such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we can better manage how a respiratory virus can affect us and those around us by taking care of our health. 


We at Ageless Forever of Las Vegas are currently still providing essential services like IV Nutrient Therapy (by appointments) to help patients receive a quick and direct boost to their immune system which is especially helpful during this tough time. For more information on our IV therapy treatment options, or other services we provide, request a consultation with Ageless today. We’re here to help you every step of the way! Stay safe, and stay healthy. 

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