Meet the Ageless Forever Team

Meet the Ageless Forever Team

Ageless Forever prides itself in being a prominent anti aging clinic & wellness center in Las Vegas that is focused on integrative wellness & longevity medicine, led by Dr. John Pierce a Board Certified Physician. Accompanying Dr. Pierce is an experienced group of individuals who make Ageless Forever what it is today, meet them below.


Amanda Machado


Amanda Machado is a Nutrition Specialist who advocates for the power of healthy foods and exercise to anyone who thrives for excellence.

Amanda teaches how healthy eating and movement improve physical and mental health. Those daily habits help maintain a strong immune system, delays the effects of aging, gives energy, affects mood, and increases focus.

In addition to studying nutrition, Amanda was a swimmer for many years in her home-country Brazil and became a Professional Bodybuilder in 2018. She competed in several sports events, experiencing first hand different approaches to preparation for any sports through diet and training.

Amanda also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality/Tourism Management and a Level One Sommelier Certification. She also managed several restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles, and helped top Chefs in the creation of healthy menu options. She believes that good cuisine and beverage are part of a healthy life-style when in moderation.

Amanda looks forward to meeting you this New Year and helping you achieve your goals. Her coaching will create a friendly relationship that will hold you accountable to your better and healthier future!

¨The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. ¨ – Ralph Waldo Emerson