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What Is CoolSculpting®?


The CoolSculpting procedure is the  #1 non-invasive way to reduce stubborn fat safely and effectively with no surgery or downtime. Sometimes diet and exercise just won’t get rid of that extra fat that’s been holding you back, no matter how hard you’ve been working out or eating right. With CoolSculpting, you can just simply freeze away the fat to create a slimmer, more contoured figure. It is the only FDA-approved fat-reduction treatment available that utilizes Cryolipolysis™ technology to safely target and eliminate fat cells by freezing and destroying them for good. The treatment is designed to tackle the toughest areas where your body typically stores stubborn fat, including the belly, under arms, love handles, hips, back, and thighs. Patients can experience up to a 20-25% reduction in fat. The treatment is one of the safest fat-reducing procedures available and results are noticeable and permanent so you can keep looking and feeling good long after.


How does CoolSculpting® work to Freeze Away Fat?

Unlike surgical or heating approaches such as laser, sonic wave, or surgery, CoolSculpting adopts an innovative technique to freeze and eliminate fat. Through a proprietary technology called Cryolipolysis, which literally translates to ‘cryo’ (freeze) & ‘lipolysis’ (the breakdown of fats), Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to gently and effectively freeze fat cells underneath the skin to induce a state of “lipolysis”. Since fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues, this cooling technique targets just the unwanted fat cells, causing them to become crystalized then die without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. Your body’s natural metabolic process then eliminates these dead broken down fat cells forever, ensuring long lasting results, and a better looking you.


What to Expect During CoolSculpting® Treatment

We will first be working with you to discuss what your problem areas are, then develop an individualized CoolSculpting treatment plan to determine how many sessions are likely needed to reach your ideal image. This custom plan will be based on your unique body, your goals, and your budget. When you arrive for your appointment you’ll be dressed in comfy wear and seated into a relaxing reclining chair. We’ll then begin the treatment by applying the CoolSculpting® pads to your areas of concern, where a slight suction will hold the fatty tissue in place. For the following 35-45 minutes of the procedure, you may choose to spend the time reading a book, working on a laptop, or napping even. During the process it will be normal to feel some pressure or intense cold as the fat gets targeted, and that’s it. Each session is so quick you can get it done during a lunch break and simply get back to your day. You may benefit from additional sessions to further enhance other areas and overall results.


Am I Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

Good candidates desire to see a slimmer version of themselves and have noticeable bulges in areas they’ve been unable to get rid of, but want to avoid any surgical procedures or long recovery time. The CoolSculpting procedure especially benefits those who’s fat has been resistant to diet and exercise. It is a great alternative to liposuction, especially due to the minimal down time, however, it should be noted that CoolSculpting should not be seen as a weight loss solution for the obese, but rather as a non-invasive option for about a 20% fat reduction. If you’re interested in CoolSculpting, get a free consultation with our experienced team to determine if this treatment is the right fit for you and your needs. The sooner we discuss your options, the sooner you’ll see results. 

CoolSculpting® Treatment Areas

Our CoolSculpting Treatment areas may include unwanted fat around the abdomen, under the chin, inner and outer thighs, love handles, buttocks, male chest / breast fat, back, and the under arms. It is best to get a full assessment of every area possible first, then you can order them by priority and choose which areas to target first. 

When Will I See CoolSculpting Results?

Coolsculpting results appear gradually with benefits visible anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks. This gradual change happens as the destroyed fat cells get disposed of through the body’s natural metabolic process and is a benefit to the patient in that it creates a natural looking outcome. Patients usually see about a 20-25 percent reduction in body fat to the treated area. While one treatment may sometimes be sufficient to achieve your goals, additional treatments can be performed in the same area or in different zones until the completely desired outcome is achieved. Results and patient experience may vary.. 


CoolSculpting Side Effects

Though patient experience and results may vary from person to person, cryolipolysis is a medically safe procedure that is both safe and efficient with a high patient satisfaction rate. Since CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure, there were will typically be no downtime, however some side effects may include temporary numbness, tenderness, itching, discomfort, and swelling which should resolve quickly on their own. Sometimes patients experience a delayed onset of these symptoms starting after a few days or sometimes weeks later after the procedure is done.  While the intensity of the effects will vary by person, it is important to note some people may not even experience any issues, and ultimately there are no known lasting complications. In most instance you will be able to return to normal activity right after.


How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting in Las Vegas, NV will largely be dependent on a few factors such as which area(s) you plan to target, the number of areas and sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. The price for CoolSculpting procedures varies depending on your areas of concern. Your budget may play a role and if more than one treatment is expected, the client will be informed during the initial consultation. We will help create a customized Coolsculpting treatment plan that will be tailored to your body’s needs, goals, and budget.

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CoolSculpting Before and After Photos

Check out our sample of coolsculpting before and after pictures to get a better idea of the results and various treatment times you may experience.

Coolsculpting Treatment Results 40 Days After First Procedure

Coolsculpting Before and After Photo Results 40 Days After First Procedure

Coolsculpting Treatment Results 12 Weeks After Second Procedure

Coolsculpting Before and After Photo Results 12 Weeks After Second Procedure


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