Insurance Questions

Insurance Questions


As of January 1, 2018 Ageless Forever will no longer submit laboratory requisitions for blood testing to any insurance provider. This means that you will have to pay an additional fee for those lab tests.


At Ageless Forever we work to optimize your hormones to provide a better quality of life,  At Ageless Forever we work to optimize your hormones to provide a better quality of life and reduce risks of early death. Many of our treatments utilizing hormones are “off label”. The insurance companies will not pay for the hormones or the testing of the effectiveness of the hormones for “off label” use. In most cases we are not treating a disease and therefore cannot use diagnosis codes, as that could be considered fraudulent.


We are finding more and more insurance companies are not covering the requested tests and thus you (the patient) will be charged for those tests at the general retail price from the testing laboratory. These fees can be, and generally are much higher than the fees we charge here at Ageless Forever for the entire panel.


Most physicians in the community do not understand what we do, as we are on the cutting edge of medicine. They will not understand unless they’ve ventured out to learn the evidence based medicine associated with optimal health and hormone balancing. For this reason we will not take labs ordered from another physician, unless it is a referral from another qualified physician in this field. This will prevent you (the patient) from getting an uninformed opinion and avoid confrontation with other physicians that may not understand or agree with what we are doing.


We have worked very hard with LabCorp to provide the best possible prices to you so that this transition will be smooth. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this policy change.