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Nutritional Health & Weight Loss in Las Vegas


Are you going from one diet to the next, struggling to lose fat and keep it off?

Are you concerned how your weight is affecting your health? 

Are you confused over what to eat and in what amounts?

Ageless Forever offers personalized weight loss programs, targeted to fit your unique metabolic needs and taste preferences, while focusing on improved health, wellness and body composition.

There is no one-size-fits all. Everybody has unique metabolic needs, dictated by lifestyle and habits, and to a degree, genetics.

We all have different food preferences as well. Ageless Forever therefore offers personalized Diet/Nutrition & Supplementation programs that are based on your individual needs, goals and taste. 

Improving your eating habits does not equate to deprivation. We will help you to achieve a happier and healthier body image that you can maintain forever. 


Our Weight Loss Programs Include:

  • 7 day detox cleanse kit
  • Specific customized meal plan
  • 30 days of supplements to support weight loss, lean mass gains, liver support
  • Weekly MIC-B injections for energy
  • InBody 770 body composition and energy expenditure analysis
  • 30 day follow-up consultations


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We've Partnered With Lagudi Meal Prep Service

At Lagudi Fresh Food Group, we believe in supporting the health and wellness of our community, which is why we have teamed up with local Las Vegas plant-based chef, Pete Ghione. Chef Pete is not only a plant-based eater himself, but is the head chef of the best healthy restaurant in Las Vegas, The Canyon Ranch Grill, as awarded by 'Eat This, Not That'. He has worked as a private chef for cancer patients in helping them take a holistic approach to their healing through their nutrition.

It is with Chef Pete, that we are happy to offer our local Las Vegas residents the opportunity to purchase fresh, chef-curated, nutritious meals straight from our facility...and we're talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our health & wellness meals are heavily focused on not only nutrition, but also flavor. We provide the calorie and macronutrient breakdown for each meal making it easy for customers to choose the meals that fit their daily caloric needs.

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