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“Myers’ Cocktail” - IV Nutrient Therapy

A Myer’s Cocktail is a combination of vitamins and minerals given intravenously in high therapeutic doses. Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve blood levels of nutrients that are not obtainable with oral, or even intramuscular (IM), administration, which has shown beneficial effects in people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

The name came from the late doctor John Myers who pioneered the use of these I.V. vitamins in this combination. There can be slight variations in the number and quantity of vitamins used. The formulation that we use has Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Dex-panthenol, and Pyridoxine. 

Myer’s Cocktails has become a very popular treatment for patients in our clinic.
Common uses for Myer’s Cocktails include: 
1. Patients who come to us very ill, especially those that have been having chronic bowel issues and malabsorption. They often have a deficiency in necessary vitamins and minerals. Blood work will often show normal levels; however, at a cellular level patients can have severe deficiencies. For patients who are run down or ill typically we recommend doing a Myer’s Cocktail every 7-10 days for 3-4 times in order to restore their nutrient levels. We then recommend that patients follow their intuition; they can usually tell when they need another cocktail shot. It is common for patients to do one every month or two until they feel like they are back on track. Thereafter, one shot every 3-4 months for maintenance, or on an as-needed basis if starting to feel run down, fatigued, or start to get upper-respiratory infections. 
2. For people with poor immune function who tend to get sick easily or have chronic sinusitis Myer’s Cocktails can be a very good treatment modality. As soon as you start to get ill - if the Myer’s Cocktail is given in time - the progression of the illness is frequently halted for colds or flus, or its severity significantly reduced.
3. Chronic Issues such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome tend to respond well to I.V. nutrient therapy. 
4. Myer’s Cocktails are popular among athletes. For example, marathoners will commonly do a Myer’s Cocktail the week preceding their marathon and then again after the marathon to help speed recovery and avoid a down-turn in their training or immune function due to the severe exertion. 
5. Myer’s Cocktails are often used as an adjunct to therapy and treatment of cancer. They are often used in combination with natural treatment protocols and there has been good research done using high dose I.V. Vitamin C. It can also be used to help patients recover from radiation or chemotherapeutic regimens. 
6. Hives of unknown origin will often respond well to I.V. Myer’s Cocktails.
Most people experience an increase in energy, improved mind clarity, decreased depression and anxiety, improved mood, faster recovery times, and less illness. 
Many people know they tend to get sick when they fly or travel so they will often do a Myer’s Cocktail before they leave on a trip and even when they return, if necessary.
This often helps to prevent catching a cold or flu, as we know the main cause of catching colds and flus is not simply being exposed to them - it is our body being run down and susceptible.
Risks of this procedure are very minimal, similar to that of any procedure that breaks the skin or enters a vein. The ingredients themselves are very harmless. 
Right after starting the injection many people feel heating sensation. This is not an adverse response to the therapy. If people feel overly warm or feel faint, a slower injection rate usually helps. Occasionally a burning sensation may be felt from the magnesium. This can be resolved by just advancing the I.V. more slowly. Occasionally some people just do not tolerate the magnesium and can request that it be left out of their I.V. in the future if it is a problem. 
If redness, warmth, or pain occurs in the days following the injection, it is recommended to follow-up in the clinic for evaluation. We have given thousands Myer’s Cocktail shots over ten years and these things are very rare, happening less than one percent of the time. 

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