What makes Ageless Forever different?

What makes Ageless Forever different?


Your first office visit includes up to an hour with Dr. Pierce, and an hour with a nutrition consultant. In that time we develop a unique treatment and nutrition plan based on your individual needs, your symptoms and lab results, as well as personal preferences.
We specialize in health promotion and emphasize a more holistic approach, using dietary modification, nutritional supplementation and hormone balancing when indicated, as opposed to going straight to patented pharmaceutical drugs.
Key points that make Ageless Forever different:
1. At Ageless Forever we treat our patients like adults and allow self-administration of their own medications, including testosterone. Therefore, our patients save time and money by not having to show up at the office once or twice a week to get there injections and not having to pay for getting their injections.
2. At Ageless Forever we do not charge for unnecessary office visits. We require patients to be seen on average twice per year. Sometimes, closer monitoring is needed based on individual requirements. If someone has a difficult time administering their medications on their own at home, we will do it in the office for no additional fee.
3. At Ageless Forever we do not accept insurance in any form. Therefore, we can never be accused of insurance fraud. We provide quality service at a fair price. 
4. At Ageless Forever we customize each patient's treatment program based on their individual needs. We do not engage in "cookbook medicine" giving everyone the same "assembly line" medical treatment, which is common in most other clinics.
5. At Ageless Forever you will get a comprehensive evaluation of your health status; we do not look at only one hormone or lab test, we take your complete clinical picture into consideration. In so doing, we make sure that you do not have any silent health issues that may develop into a disease if left unattended. In contrast to routine clinical practice, we look for health parameters that may provide early warning signs, and we help you correct metabolic disturbances before they proceed to develop into irreversible health damage.
6. The medical director at Ageless Forever, Dr. Pierce, stays on top of the latest medical research findings in order to provide his patients the best possible health care. This is in stark contrast to traditional mainstream doctors who practice old-school dogma medicine which is not congruent with contemporary medical advancements.