5 Ways Men Can Improve in the Bedroom

Trying out the following methods can help improve your stamina as well as improve the overall quality of sex in the bedroom.


1. More foreplay

A lot of men may be surprised that penetration isn’t always the most important part of sex. In fact, men who have trouble with erections can use foreplay as an incentive to find new ways to satisfy their partner. Spending more time with foreplay including kissing, touching, and oral sex can help build more arousal and help create a stronger bond and connection with your partner. Putting effort into foreplay can improve the experience for everyone involved. A study in 2017 found that only about 18% of women experience an orgasm from intercourse alone. About 36.6% of the women in the same study needed clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. 


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2. Try start-stop technique

If the goal is to last longer in bed, consider giving the start and stop technique a try. To make this technique work, stop sexual activity every time you come close to ejaculation. Take a deep breath, begin intercourse again, and repeat the process to delay from finishing prematurely. This practice can help train the body to hold off from climaxing even during intense sexual intercourse.


3. Manage stress and anxiety

Having other things on your mind can also add further distraction and cause problems maintaining an erection. Stress and anxiety can disrupt sexual intimacy. Some effective strategies known to manage stress or anxiety in the bedroom include:


-exercising more frequently
-getting adequate sleep
-seeking therapy
-focusing on physical sensations
-thinking less about sexual performance

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4. Practice mindfulness

mindfulness GainsWave

Being more in the present moment and aware of your surroundings can actually also benefit your sexual performance. Mindfulness is a popular form of meditation and can improve sexual function. A study in 2017 found that therapy involving mindfulness exercises can help boost negative attitudes towards sex, improve relationships, as well as help people become more present during sex. Practicing mindfulness can also help manage your stress levels overall and improve your focus in the moment, whether it has to do with sex or not.


5. Look into GainsWave

Another effective solution to improve men’s sexual performance may be from seeking GainsWave therapy. By sending low-intensity shockwave therapy into the genitals, GainsWave therapy repairs existing blood vessels, generates new blood vessels, and promotes better blood flow to the penis, all resulting in better erection quality as well as improved sexual performance. 


GainsWave therapy is:
-drug free
-no surgery
-improves erection quality
-treats erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease
-improves blood flow
-improves sensitivity-helps you achieve better erections
-improves sexual performance



If you are located in Las Vegas and want to learn more to determine if this type of therapy is right for you, request a GainsWave consultation or visit our website at Ageless Forever. Our team of experienced professionals are more than happy to assist you.


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It is important not to be embarrassed or want to throw in the towel when it comes to improving our sexual performances or finding a solution to erectile dysfunction because these types of issues are actually common and can be treatable. There are several ways men can approach this issue, including adding more focus on stimulating their partner through more foreplay, trying the stop-start technique to last longer, managing their stress and anxiety better, practicing being more present to improve focus, as well as consider trying GainsWave to improve their sexual performance and a host of other benefits. At Ageless Forever, we love educating our patients and providing them the services they need so they can live the way they deserve, agelessly.