What is GAINSWave?

“GAINSWave,” Dr. Pierce explains, “utilizes an FDA-cleared device that delivers extracorporeal shockwave therapy,” to restore blood flow to the penis; Dr. Pierce emphasizes he prefers to use the word “soundwave” to describe the process rather than “shockwave” when associating treatment for something as sensitive as the genitalia. Dr. Pierce describes that this breakthrough device “sends sound waves into the tissue, triggering the dormant stem cells and stimulating growth of new blood vessels to help restore blood flow to the penis.” As men get older, sexual performance tends to decrease as blood vessels that supply blood to the penis begin to collapse or break down. Several men experience erectile dysfunction and other related issues due to poor blood flow, however GainsWave therapy will help alleviate this issue.


GAINSWave Vs. Viagra / Cialis

Well-known erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra and CIALIS, Dr. Pierce explains, “acts as a vasodilator,” to open up the blood vessels to encourage better blood flow in the male sexual organ but unfortunately “is a temporary effect”. GAINSWave on the other hand is a “more permanent” treatment by utilizing low-intensity pulsing sound waves which “knock off debris that might be in the capillaries, which are small vessels within our body.” This 20-30 minute, drug and surgery-free process, effectively improves blood flow to help improve genital function and has lasting results compared to ED pills. Men’s Health Magazine claims this revolutionary treatment, “the new Viagra.”


Does GAINSWave Work?

GAINSWave is able to treat all levels of dysfunction, from pre-diagnosis to severe, which then determines the recommended number of visits for treatment and how often the patient will visit. All treatments are done in the comfort and privacy of Dr. Pierce’s office. According to Dr. Pierce, results include “more spontaneity, better, firmer” genital function and will typically start to show for most patients within 3-4 treatments with results lasting up to 2 years.


Surprisingly, GAINSWave therapy can also act as a preventive measure for gentlemen even with zero signs of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Pierce states that this soundwave therapy may be able to “decrease the need or eliminate the need altogether for dysfunction medication.”


How Much Does GAINSWave Cost?

What is the cost of a GAINSWave treatment? Pricing starts at around $500 per treatment, “which is worth it when you start seeing results,” JC adds, and “brings back the spontaneity in your relationship.”


If you are interested in improving any level of erectile dysfunction, regain control of your sex life, or simply taking action as a preventive measure, make sure you stop by Dr. Pierce’s Las Vegas GAINSWave clinic called Ageless Forever located at 6020 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89118 or call (702) 838-1994 today.

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