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How to Keep Menopause Symptoms Under Control

menopause symptoms

If you are one of the millions of women who are or are about to transition into menopause, today’s topic might be able to help you! Although menopause is inevitable and a part of a woman’s aging process, dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause can really affect your quality of life. Learning how to manage some of your physical and emotional symptoms can make a big difference as you transition into this new phase of your life. Keep reading to learn more!


What Is Menopause?

Things You Should Know About Menopause

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Oh, the joy of being a woman...Menstrual cycles (commonly known as periods) impact women’s lives on a monthly basis starting at puberty for several decades, with the exception of pregnancies when periods cease for a period of 9 months.  However, these menstrual cycles do not last forever. Periods will eventually come to a halt permanently, also known as menopause. Understanding menopause is important for men as well as women, since it will affect how men communicate with the women in their lives such as a spouse, mother, sister, female friends, or other relatives during the menopause stage that may last up to a decade. Menopause is popularly correlated to hot flashes and the ceasing of womens’ periods but there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some things you need to know regarding the menopause stages women are going through or will eventually go through and treatments recommended by experts.