Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen

What is Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is growing in popularity,  for its non-invasive soft-surgery,  skin lift, and skin-tightening,  non-surgical blepharoplasty,  fibroblasting sublimation treatment and rejuvenation.

Thanks to its lightweight and super-fine tip, Plasma Pen is able to treat specific areas with the utmost precision in shorter times, with faster recovery and outstanding results.  The end result gives the best natural looking results and is long-lasting as well. 



How Does Plasma Pen Work?

Our Plasma Pen handpiece converts electrical energy into an electrostatic energy which is transmitted to the applicator tip (probe) by impulse. Our device creates an electrical discharge between two electrodes separated by an ‘insulating dielectric barrier’.  A charge collects on the surface of the barrier & discharges a flash of plasma via our 0.4mm probe – all within millionths of a second. Using a continuous direct energy source; we ionise nitrogen & oxygen in the air to create a plasma gas. This plasma gas is sustained by the unique fingertip and on-demand control of plasma our device offers.


What are the Key Features of Plasma Pen?

Many experts, including, clinicians, surgeons, aestheticians, and other beauty and spa professionals from all around the world agree that Louise Walsh International’s release in 2017 has been the most advanced plasma device thus far.  The continuous expert feedback is that our device is superior to anything else on the market as a result of its innovations, ingenious features, and advances which are not available elsewhere, including:

Lightweight, ergonomic & intelligent design.
Easier, faster & more comfortable to use than alternatives.
The most efficient, reliable, consistent & effective delivery of plasma.
CE Certified pen developed, designed & built by Louise Walsh International in Germany with zero failures or fault issues.
Shorter downtimes, faster recovery & improved results than other similar procedures.


Before & After Plasma Pen Pictures



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