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Laser Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Laser Treatment at Ageless Forever, Las Vegas

Laser Hair Therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nothing elicits a warm smile and positive first impression quite like a thick head of hair. Unfortunately, nearly 2/3rds of men will go bald in their lifetime, and about 30 million women struggle with female hair loss on a daily basis. Shame transcends gender, leaving both men and women feeling anxious over widening parts, receding hairlines, and balding crowns. The emotional side effects of hair loss may cause profoundly negative consequences in personal and professional life, compromising self confidence while undermining personal goals, social engagements, and professional growth.

Reclaim a Youthful Head of Hair

If you struggle with hair loss and are hesitant to invest in a surgical procedure, laser hair restoration can help you reclaim a more youthful head of hair in the comfort of your own home. Using the established science of low level laser therapy (LLLT), laser caps nourish the scalp with a safe spectrum of laser light designed to prevent hair loss while thickening existing hair. Laser therapy gets to the root of the problem, targeting defective hair follicles that need a jump-start to encourage thicker, natural hair growth.

Improved blood flow. Since the 1950s, LLLT has proven its ability to improve blood flow in more than 40 independent studies worldwide.

Enhanced oxygen delivery. As circulation improves, hair follicles receive more oxygen to promote a more stable hair growth cycle.

All-natural hair growth. With consistent use, laser hair growth caps have been shown to improve hair counts by 51% or more compared to placebo devices.

Introducing the Capillus272™ Pro

Say hello to a younger, fuller head of hair. With the Capillus272 Pro, hair loss prevention has never been easier. Simply place the battery-operated laser insert into your favorite hat, activate, and enjoy hands-free laser therapy anywhere, any time. Ergonomic design delivers a fuller fit compared to other laser helmets and comb devices, ensuring better coverage of your biggest problem areas, including the crown, frontal hairline, and sides of the scalp.

Efficient. Unlike other devices, Capillus272 Pro delivers better coverage of the scalp for more efficient hair loss treatment.

Hands-Free. Simple and easy to operate, the hands-free design of Capillus272 Pro makes laser hair restoration enjoyable.

FDA Cleared. Unlike competitor laser caps, Capillus272 Pro is cleared by the FDA for treating androgenic alopecia (hair loss) in adults.

Clinically Proven. Independent clinical trials are the truest test of effectiveness. Capillus272 Pro improved hair counts by 51% among clinical trial participants, in a study made available on ClinicalTrials.gov.

Physician-Managed. Demand convenience, without sacrificing expert guidance. Capillus272 Pro is managed by Dr. Pierce to ensure the highest level of safety and results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Therapy

Does it hurt?
No, laser therapy does not hurt. Capillus272 Pro utilizes cold laser technology with a wavelength of 650nm, a unique spectrum of laser light that does not ablate or damage cellular tissue. This gentle spectrum of laser light is cool to the touch.

How long does it take to grow hair?
Some patients report visibly thicker hair in as little as 2 to 4 months, though individual results may vary.

Do I need to keep using Capillus272 Pro to keep my hair?
For most patients, hair loss may progress if use of Capillus272 Pro is discontinued. Speak with Dr. Pierce regarding your personal needs for long term laser treatment for hair loss.

Can I use Capillus272 Pro with Rogaine® or Propecia®?
Yes. Laser therapy with Capillus272 Pro is ideal for use in conjunction with topical hair loss foams and/or prescription hair loss medicines.

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Alopecia, aka baldness (the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows) is a common disorder affecting more than half of the population worldwide. Androgenetic alopecia - most common type - may affect up to 70% of men and 40% of women at some point in their lifetime.[1]
While hair loss often manifests in middle-age, hair thinning starts at much younger ages. When you notice your hair is thinning, about half of your hair is already gone. Therefore, it is very important to treat early. It is far easier to keep the hair you have than it is to regrow it medically or add it surgically. 
Only two drugs have been approved so far (finasteride and minoxidil), and until recently, hair transplant was the only another treatment alternative.[2] Today, laser therapy for hair growth is gaining popularity.[1] 
Hair growth laser therapy can both decrease hair loss rate and regrow hair.[2] It works by increasing capillary blood flow in the skin to the hair follicle, and the cellular activity and oxygenation to the base of the hair follicle.[3] It can convert approximately 70% of resting phase hairs back into the growing phase of the hair growth cycle.
Ageless Forever offers laser therapy for hair growth using Capillus272® – a cap with 272 medical grade laser diodes for maximum hair follicle stimulation and growth. This home use device is simple to use and achieves clinical results. One wears the cap for 30 minutes every other day. 
Don’t confuse Capillus272® with Capillus82®, which is a cheaper and less effective low level laser therapy cap. Also, don't confuse Capillus®272 with the laser comb, which is another cheaper device.The difference between the hat and the comb is that the hat stays on your head for one half hour with constant exposure to the affected area. Also the hat has 272 diodes, far more than the comb. Therefore, if you want significant results, Capillus®272 is the way to go.
Laser treatment of hair loss can: [2]
Stop progression of thinning hair.
Stimulate regrowth of hairs.
Increase hair growth rate and hair manageability.
Thicken hair thinning areas of the scalp.
Dr. Pierce at Ageless Forever is a Capillus® Authorized Physician.
At Ageless Forever we sell the Capillus® laser hair restoration hat for $2600, tax included.
(Regular market price is $2,999.95).
Why Choose Capillus272® to treat hair loss:
- Capillus272® is FDA approved for efficacy and safety, for more info see www.capillus.com/fda-clearance
- 100% laser technology with 272 laser diodes; no LED lights.
- Consists of 272 low-level true lasers for both maximum efficacy and scalp coverage.
- More laser coverage and power than other low-grade portable at-home devices.
- Battery pack is easily clipped anywhere providing increased mobility during sessions.
- Discreet, convenient, and easy to use.
- 5 year manufacturer warranty.
- Featured on The View, Dateline, Today, and other media outlets.
It is important to remember that it can take up to six months for noticeable aesthetic hair regrowth. It is important to be patient. One way to tell if the hair growth is occurring is to have a microscopic analysis of the scalp done prior to and periodically during treatment.


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Here are some informative videos on the Benefits of Capillus Laser Cap for Hair Loss:

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