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The Androgen Study Group - Cutting Through Misleading Headlines and Exposing the Truth about Testosterone Therapy and Health

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Recently several flawed studies, implicating that testosterone replacement therapy increases risk for heart attack and death, created large media headlines. This despite a large body of research evidence showing the contrary, ie. that testosterone replacement therapy decreases risk for heart disease and that higher testosterone levels are associated with reduced death rates. No wonder there is confusion and unnecessary concern and among healthcare providers and their patients.
In response to this, The Androgen Study Group was formed. The Androgen Study Group is a multidisciplinary group of androgen researchers and clinicians who are dedicated to education and accurate reporting on the science of testosterone deficiency in men and its treatment. With the media attention that testosterone therapy is attracting it is critical that clinical trials are properly conducted and analyzed, and that results are presented in a way that is not misleading. The mission of the Androgen Study Group is to ensure that the results of research on testosterone deficiency and its treatment is presented accurately and fairly in the medical literature as well as in public media.
Looking at the current totality of  research evidence, the Androgen Study Group states that placing restrictions on the appropriate use of testosterone therapy for testosterone deficient men is likely to negatively impact public health and impose a substantially increased future financial burden on the US health care system.
Dr. Pierce, who treats testosterone deficient patients on a daily basis with testosterone replacement therapy at, and know first-hand the detrimental health consequences of low-T (aka hypogonadis), is a supporter and co-signer of the Androgen Study Group initiatives.
To learn more about the Androgen Study Group and its initiatives, which are solidly backed up with research citations and invaluable insights from clinical experience, visit their website:
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